A Little about me


Born in the heart of Linconshire, my family moved around the world before returning to Lincoln. I studied Secondary Education locally before moving to Berkshire for futher education and beginning my career in Banking, working with accounts and systems.


My passion for electronical things actually began in the early 70s when I discovered screwdrivers and found many things looked very different from the inside, and the more I discovered, the more my yearning for learning about technology grew.


Over the years through my roles in training and management, I have developed extensive skills and knowledge that have helped me to train all diverse types of people from all walks of life learn new skills not only in the workplace, but with lifeskills and adaptation to change.


I enjoy teaching people new things, seeing them grow in confidence the more they succeed. The satisfaction in helping people understand technology the easiest way for them, so they remember it and use it to make their life easier and better.

Darren- Senior Training Manager and Founder of LeaRn2iT


I have spent many years learning and re-learning about technology and what place it have in our lives.


We see technology all around us, and it is being used for more and more things everyday. I have taught programs to workforces, to individuals and designed training packages that have been used by companies.


Technology has been an integral part of every position I have held throughout my working life, and have embraced technology more the higher the understanding of it I have.


I feel much more passionate though about helping people from all walks of life learn about technology and what use is it to them.


By learning and using it, how could and would that benefit them in their lives? Do people shy away from technology because they don't want to break it, or merely because noone has taken the time to show them the way they can use it and how safe it can be to use?


That is why I began this Company so I could help people learn how technology can be used, and how easy it is to learn with the correct method of learning that best suits the individual.

This all began when my family asked me...Did I know anything about computers?

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